If you read the recent Communications Update email on 5th December, you will have noticed that we are looking to set up a Caldwell Members Tradesmen’s Group. We are keen to identify any members who are willing to offer their guidance and experience in a variety skills should the need arise. This may include members who are qualified or have experience in electrics, plumbing, roofing, joinery, building etc.


Please note we don’t have a list of jobs waiting to be done and are looking for members to give up their time free of charge. It may simply be a case of advising the best course of action or advising who we could contact.

We have already had a response from Peter Hunter who has experience in Electrics, and Facilities Management. Thanks for coming forward Peter.

As mentioned in the Communication Update, we are particularly keen at this point in time to identify anyone with IT/Website editing experience.

Anyone interested should send an email to Jennifer([email protected])

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