Our winter programme is successfully progressing despite the unkind weather. Since the 1st October, there have been only 9 dry days out of 66 before the temperatures then plummeted on 6th December. We have managed to re-cover four astroturf paths (1st, 4th, 14th and 15th), totalling 510 linear metres, with reclaimed astroturf.  We aim to cover the 6th tees path as well as join both paths at the 10th tees together and cover with astroturf this winter period.

Aeration work has been intermittent due to the weather. Verti-draining has been completed and we now look to tackle some of the fairways that we feel are holding water too long, such as the 6th, 7th, 13th, and 17th.  

Although the shockwave works are proving to be effective in moving water down from the surface of the fairways we believe we can speed up the process by punching holes into the surface, allowing more air into the profile producing a faster percolation rate. 

Coring of Tees and Aprons will begin shortly, weather permitting, to remove organic matter and also scarify to refine the grasses.  Any aeration works required on greens will be dictated by moisture levels throughout the winter.

Refreshing the old sand with new sand in the bunkers is continuing. We have completed the infill of six bunkers with a further 12 remaining.  Investigative work has begun to the drainage on the bunker at right side of the 16th green. We intend to re-shape this bunker to make it slightly smaller and shallower.

Tree work continues by crown lifting and removing dead trees throughout the course.  We aim to complete the works at the right side of the 2nd hole and left side of the 6th hole before April.  We have been using the colder weather days to work on these tasks, prioritising the drier days to work on more important projects.

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