On 5th June, we had a great turn out for the seniors open. There were lots of blustery showers, but that did not stop the home players from producing some great scores in the conditions. Ashley Sharp was the overall winner with 37 points, beating John Woods on a count back.

Overall Winner A Sharp £170 voucher

1st class 1st K Donnelly 35 £100 voucher
2nd A McFarlane 35 £60 voucher
3rd G Scott 35 £40 voucher2nd Class 1st J Woods 37 £100 voucher
2nd D McKenzie 36 £60 voucher
3rd P MacKinnon 36 £40 voucher 3rd class 1st T Travers 35 £100 voucher
2nd J Hunter 33 £60 voucher
3rd A Rankin 32 £40 voucher

Best members 1st A Sharp £70 voucher 2nd J Woods £50 voucher 3rd D McKenzie £30 voucher

Two’s R Hopton, G McCartney,D McLaughlin, W Moffat, D Cumming , J Wilson, K Tainsh. £21 each

Nearest pin 3rd M Murphy £50 voucher
7th W Moffat £50 voucher
8th T MaGee £50 voucher
16th J Boyle £50 voucher

Many thanks to all competitors for making it such a great day.


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